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Harwich – beechwood


Step into the world of natural elegance with our Harwich – Beechwood Wooden Framed Sunglasses, brought to you by Cape Cod Sunglasses. Immerse yourself in the beauty of sustainable fashion by adorning these exquisite sunglasses that exude sophistication and eco-consciousness.

The frames are handcrafted with precision from ethically sourced beechwood, each piece having its own distinct grain pattern, making each pair unique. These sunglasses add a touch of nature to your look by embracing the warmth and earthiness of wood.

The Harwich sunglasses are designed to provide both style and comfort, with polarised lenses that deliver great visual clarity while shielding your eyes from dangerous UV radiation. The lightweight frame provides a comfortable fit that is ideal for all-day wear.

Make a sustainable fashion statement by embracing the soul of Harwich. Buy wooden framed sunglasses in Harwich from Cape Cod Sunglasses and boost your style while protecting the environment. Accept nature, accept style, accept the future.


Beechwood sunglasses with oliver polarized lens


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