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Bourne – zebrawood


Introducing the Bourne – Zebrawood Sunglasses by Cape Cod Sunglasses, where timeless style meets the natural beauty of Zebrawood. These gorgeous wood sunglasses are a piece of art, precisely created to enhance your appearance while protecting your eyes.

The Bourne sunglasses’ frames are crafted of fine Zebrawood, which is noted for its beautiful grain patterns that mimic the majestic stripes of a zebra. Each pair is distinct, highlighting the natural beauty of the wood.

These sunglasses have high-quality lenses that provide outstanding UV protection, safeguarding your eyes from harmful rays while ensuring clear vision. The lightweight and comfy design allows them to be worn all day, making them ideal for any journey.

With the Bourne-Zebrawood sunglasses, you not only make a fashionable statement, but you also help to promote sustainable fashion. Accept the natural elegance of Zebrawood and the unsurpassed craftsmanship of Cape Cod Sunglasses.


100% Zebrawood


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